roses are red, violets are blue.. if u tell me that u love me, then i love u too XD

My Fav Photo of 2013 - Bali Vacationpic
Happy Halloween!pic

Happy Halloween!

I became a minnie mouse with not so round mouse ears and without mickey for this Halloween and spent my time ate chocolates and watched Hocus Pocus…
syaviolet Nov 02, 2013

Disney Characters are Ready For Halloween!

Are you ready for halloween? Well, Disney characters are ;) Better get ready ;) xoxo photos courtesy of
syaviolet Oct 13, 2013
Rainbow Party - Bluepic

Rainbow Party - Blue

wow! it's blue already! well, i got this t-shirt when i watched C21, a Danish boyband showcase. I won a quiz for the showcase. I think it…
syaviolet Oct 13, 2013

Turn the World into Pink this October!

As we all know, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month aka Pinktober. International Landmarks contributes to support Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by illuminating…
24 new pics
syaviolet Oct 01, 2013

Take Action on 2013 Estée Lauder Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Today, 1st October 2013 Estée Lauder has begin the Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign which held every year since 1992. This year theme is “Let’s…
syaviolet Oct 01, 2013

What's Your October Wish?

As we all know that September is going to end and October is just right around the corner. So it's the time to say Goodbye and ....also…
syaviolet Sep 30, 2013

Fall in Love With Cats Hilarious Photos

Meow there, Cat Lovers =(^..^)= Having a bad and boring day? Just take a look at these pictures, Hope they brings u a laughter ^^ i hope…
syaviolet Sep 30, 2013

Fall In Love With Floating On Air Photos

Hi.. I feel uneasy today, i don't know why.. I really wish i could floating on air and feel weightless, but gravity still hold onto me. Ok…
syaviolet Sep 26, 2013

Syaviolet's Photo Stream

2 new pics
syaviolet Sep 25, 2013

Fall In Love with Adorable Babies & Children Photos

Babies and Children expressions are precious and pure I really love looking at their adorable pictures whenever i feel tired Their cute smile is like a miracle…
syaviolet Sep 17, 2013
Rainbow Party - Yellowpic

Rainbow Party - Yellow

On the last Sunday, 15h Sept 2013 me and my sister came and joined the charity event to support child cancer in Indonesia and became…
syaviolet Sep 17, 2013

Fall in Love with City Lights at Night

I always love city lights, they are so beautiful. Everytime i went out or ride at night, i always look out the window and amazed by…
syaviolet Sep 10, 2013

Fall in Love with Nhung Nguyen' Adorable Paper Art

I am currently browsing and found these adorable paper art, and fall in love instantly with them! Made by a 24 year old Vietnamese, Nhung Nguyen…
syaviolet Sep 09, 2013
I'm Falling in Love with Stuffspic
Rainbow Party - Orangepic

Rainbow Party - Orange

I love Orange color in the summer, its very refreshing Well, i polished my nails (even tho i dont have pretty hands) into neon orange color…
syaviolet Sep 04, 2013

BSTA #33 : Something You Like & No One Else Does

Wow Something that i like that no one else does.. Hmm.. I think this assignment is really great, it's make us think hard about ourselves What makes us…
syaviolet Sep 04, 2013
The Rainbow Party - Redpic

The Rainbow Party - Red

Hi Buzznet!! This is my entry for Red week on this color themed photo challenge i am posting the picture of my country (Indonesia) flag, which have…
syaviolet Aug 25, 2013
BSTA 32 : Inspirationpic

BSTA #32 : Inspiration

Inspiration, i thought about it a lot Many things and people have inspired me My Family & Friends - They inspire me to go on everyday, to…
syaviolet Aug 07, 2013
Photo Challenge : Black and White Ballpic

Photo Challenge : Black and White Ball

Hi Buzznet! Hi Mr. Rich! These are my girls aka my cute cats, which represent the monochrome colors black and white i called them simply 'hitam (blacky)…
syaviolet Aug 05, 2013

Hot or Not : Oversized Clutches Made From Plastic Bags

Who doesn't want to look fashionably good and environment eco-friendly at the same time? An Indonesian accessory designer, Ni Luh Wayan ayu from OJA is doing…
syaviolet Aug 04, 2013
Lets Roll! xDpic

Summer Style : How To Rock Floral Skirts AM to PM

SUMMER!!! Time to go out and have some fun in the sun Well, its always summer here where i live lol I love wearing floral skirts or dress…
syaviolet Jul 29, 2013
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